Your Self Employment Solution
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Your Self Employment Solution

Back to the salt mines. Another day, another dollar. It's the daily grind. It's punching the clock.

It's a supervisor you can barely tolerate getting on your case even though you are clearly five times smarter than she'll ever be.

It's middle management bungles. It's upper management cold-heartedness.

It's a loud factory floor or a tiny slate gray cubicle. Forty hours per week, plus overtime. Occasional weekends.

 If you are a good boy or girl, that hourly wage will inch up just fast enough to almost keep up with inflation every year and some day you may even join the ranks of salaried management and longer hours dealing with even more annoying people.

It's described as everything from a hassle to a prison. It's a job and you might be tempted to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, along with all of the agony, the job also brings with it money. If you're lucky, it might bring a lot of money, health benefits and even a shot at retiring without starving to death.

Jobs mean money. Money, whether it's the root of all evil or not, makes the world go 'round and 'round.

Thus, the inmates refuse to attempt to escape. In some workplace version of the Stockholm syndrome, the hostage employees begin to trust and rely upon their oppressive boss overlords even though they recognize that the guys upstairs don't have their best interests in mind.

Even in this modern twenty-first century economy where people change treat jobs like disposable lighters-use it for awhile, then get rid of it-many spend their idle hours dreaming of a comfortable work prison. Some place they can tolerate long enough to make it to age sixty-five with some benefits. They don't even want to grin and bear it for several decades. They just want to bear it. That alone would be enough.

Even that can be hard.

There are some people who are willing to make a break for it. They visualize a future that doesn't consist of years of abuse capped off with little more than a stooped back and a gold-plated retirement watch.

When they daydream, they think about running their own show. They imagine not just making a living, but actually living. They don't want a new office or to work for the company across town. They want to own their own future and they want to sweeten the deal by working at home.

Others are already at home and are looking for work. Instead of trying to find a gig on the bus route, they may be ready to do their own thing.

Others may just be looking for a way to add a few bucks to the family coffer every week while being able to spend quality time at home parenting. Instead of forking over their slave wages for daycare, they decide they can be both a parent and a provider at the same time by effectively operating a work at home business.

This site is for anyone who may be ready to escape the daily work ritual.

No more morning commutes with other wage-zombies. No more spilt gas station cappuccinos in the car. No more keeping your fingers crossed for a promotion.

If that sounds good to you, keep reading. We are going to examine the attraction and benefits of running your own home business. We are also going to honestly approach some of the challenges of escaping the traditional work force and how you can deal with them. We are going to cover some of the many work at home options available and discuss where to find new ones.

We'll talk about avoiding the scores of work at home scams and will spend some time discussing some of the unique challenges faced by those who are working with home and dealing with kids at the same time.

If you have ever wanted to toss your name tag like a ninja's shuriken right into the head or chest of a dimwitted middle manager, this is your ebook. If you'd like to redefine casual Friday to mean actually putting on pants, this is your resource.

This is a handy guide to working at home that won't pull any punches or sell any bogus dreams. You can consider it a letter of warning or a carefully-crafted escape plan. It may be both.

Of course, the whole issue of working from home is incredibly expansive and we don't profess to cover every single nook and cranny of the matter within these pages. We do, however, think this is a valuable resource that will help you decide whether or not working from home will work for you and, if so, can help you in deciding how to stop being a clock-puncher and to become your own boss.


Why do people work at home? If you poll them (and that has been done, so there is no need for you to start canvassing the neighborhood), you will find that a variety of factors allow people to move from time clocks to self-reliance Let's take a look at a handful of popular reasons for pursuing a work at home career.


If the idea of working at home is appealing, you might just be an opportunity junkie. Many of us crave the chance to do great things and find that our traditional nine to five work environments are very limiting.

Women may have a glass ceiling with which to contend, but all of us have another even harder ceiling to break through right above that one. It's the inevitable ceiling of being an employee instead of an owner.

No matter how hard you work, no matter how smart you are, the structure of a traditional job and the limitations inherent in your role as one of the hive's worker bees will limit you.

You might become a boss some day, but you will never become The Boss. The opportunity just isn't there.

Even if there is enough opportunity to entice you to continue making the daily commute to the office for awhile, chances are those real chances for fulfillment are doled out arbitrarily and unfairly.

The shots you do get to move up the ladder or closer to your goals are few, far between, and inevitably mishandled by someone who outranks you.

Operating your own business from home restores opportunity. Any limits on your success or growth are within your own control.

If you want to do something, there is no head office to clear it. You don't have to fill out a requisition form if you want to invest in yourself. You don't need to smile during evaluation week so that your middle manager with the happy face obsession will give you a great performance review.

Opportunity is everywhere. When you have your own home business, the only limits are the one's you place upon yourself.


Many of those who are break from the herd and work from home do so because of the prospect of greater earnings. Along with the aforementioned opportunity in a general sense comes the chance to make more dough.

Many work at home successes earn so much more than they ever would have if they continued on their prior path that it boggles the mind.

If you get a halfway decent job that you can stay at for decades and you are a good employee, you will probably find a way to make a decent living by popular standards. Your income will allow you to buy a home, keep your lawnmower blades sharpened and to occasionally take a family vacation. Two cars and a chicken in the pot are not things at which one should sneer, either. They beat a worn pair of shoes and a "will work for food" sign be a significant margin.

In the end, though, those in the regular workplace have a cap on their earnings. That cap may not be expressed in any contract or the result of any hard and fast law, but it is very real. The very factors that limit opportunity in general will also limit earning capacity.

By stepping outside the employee circle and into the world of running your own business, you can destroy that cap.

If having a chance to make big money is important to you, running your own operation is definitely appealing.


The fact that you work nine to five, Monday through Friday, might not be that distressing to you. Until your kid's softball team makes it to the state tournament and plays their Thursday semi-final game at six in a city two hours away.

The fact that you only have five vacation days per year until you have been with the firm for more than two full years may make perfect sense for a company, but that provides little comfort when you finally meet the woman of your dreams and she wants to take you on a romantic, two-week tropical cruise. You get the idea.

Those who work from home have the ultimate in flexibility. They really can set their own hours the way very few employees can. Some work early. Others work late. Some work only a few hours a week, but for long hours on those days. Others work as necessary.

It depends on the home business. However, the home business is within the control of its boss, and if she wants to take mid-afternoon naps or if he wants to spend Wednesdays at the driving range, there is nobody one step higher on the corporate ladder to tell her or him "no."


Every morning someone drops off his or her child at daycare, gets back in the car and starts to do the math in his or her head.

Their daycare provider has the kid from eight until five-thirty, five days a week. That's forty seven and a half hours per week.

The parent has the child from about six a.m. until eight and then again from five-thirty until that eight o'clock bedtime. That's twenty two and a half hours per week. Even if one gives himself or herself full credit for two full weekend days of "awake time," the total is still only at fifty two and a half hours per week.

That's right, the child only sees his or her parent for about five more hours per week than he does his daycare provider.

For many parents, that just isn't tolerable. In fact, it's heart-wrenching and it's one of the chief reasons why many are inspired to start their own work at home business.

Yes, it may be tough to seal big deals with a two year old trying to stick a Crayola up your nose, but that challenge is far more palatable than the idea of a child growing up with only slightly more contact with his or her parents than his or her babysitter.

Even those who don't have children may be interested in the familial advantages offered by stay at home work. Spouses can see more of each other. Those who are accustomed to being forced to do business on the road can finally enjoy a husband or wife again.

Working at home puts one in the midst of family as powerfully as regular jobs can separate one from his or her home life.


 Many people feel trapped doing jobs they despise. You can see it in their faces. From the angst-ridden barista at any one of ten local Starbucks who could be making shrewd stock deals all day to the slow-moving housepainter who always wanted to be a chef, you encounter people who are working outside of their interests and skills just to collect a check.

Some people learn to compromise. They take solace in Mr. Holland's Opus and convince themselves that eventually all of that compromise will add up to something meaningful. They shove their interests and true desires to the back of their mind and try to retain focus on doing their job.

Yes, a few people are lucky enough to find employment that really matches their skill levels and attitudes nicely, but many more spend their time doing things in which they have only a marginal interest outside of the bi-weekly paycheck their efforts produce.

Though some will swallow the disappointment and frustration, those who decide to work at home will not. They opt to pursue their dreams and to find ways to make their skills and their "calling" into action.

It can be far more fulfilling than simply working for the sake of earning a salary. It imbues one's vocational life with great meaning and appeal.

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